Why do we dismiss Plant Medicine?

In the last hundred years or so we have moved further and further from Nature and our place in it.  Herbal medicine which was highly effective and prized for thousands of years was suddenly looked down upon in favour of synthetic medicine, manufactured in chemical plants.
But nearly every pharmaceutical drug has its roots in herbal medicine: Aspirin came from isolating the active ingredient in Willow Bark which had been used for centuries to treat pain, Penicillin came from mold and so on.

I love exploring plant chemistry and how it interacts with human chemistry, it rekindles the nerdy biochemist in me.  I trained as an Essential Oil Specialist as my curiosity grew.

What is an Essential Oil?

Essential oils are the volatile, oil-based compounds found in plants that can be separated from the main plant. 
They are highly concentrated, much more potent than the herbs themselves. One drop goes a long way.
When you walk through a forest or flower garden and enjoy the beautiful aroma, you are inhaling essential oils.  We all know that being in Nature makes us feel good, well essential oils give us an insight as to why.
Essential oils can come from all different parts of the plant but they don't just produce them to smell good. They have a wide array of purposes such as warding off pests, insects, bacteria and viruses.  When we bring these oils into our environment and our body they can do the same things for us.  
Genetically, we are not that different from plants....did you know that 65% of our genetic code, we share with a banana?


Why Quality Matters?

Sadly, there is a growing demand for essential oils and this has led to some very suspect practices and products on the market.  Studies have shown that over 95% of all essential oils on the market have been contaminated or adulterated in some way.
Where a plant is grown is also crucial to it's therapeutic potency; plants produce the best quality oils where they thrive naturally, not in a greenhouse.
If we are going to use essential oils as natural solutions for many of the feelings we are experiencing - physically, emotionally and mentally - then we want to know exactly what is present in the bottle, otherwise they won't work or even worse, they may be harmful.
Due to their industry-leading standard for quality, testing and efficacy I chose DoTERRA as the company I want to source my oils from. That was 5 years ago and I have not found anything else that comes close to them.

What can I use Essential Oils for?

Anything you reach to the medicine cabinet to address, you can first of all reach for an oil.  Even before heading off to the doctor, there is an oil you can try at home first.
Because of their complex chemistry, one essential oil can be put to multiple uses. For example - the On Guard blend which helps defend against germs - I clean my home with this, take it in a capsule daily for immune support, make a cough syrup from it and diffuse it when people are coming over, to protect our shared air. So versatile.
Oils can be used:
  • to alleviate pain
  • to support immune function
  • to soothe digestive discomfort
  • to cleanse - inside and out
  • to balance mood
  • to boost focus and concentration
  • to reduce stress
  • to support a good night's sleep
  • to soothe skin
  • to repel insects

They are safe to use on children and pets (with some exceptions) and they are side-effect-free which means you won't have to end up taking a cocktail of medications just to deal with the side effects of medications.

Essential oils have transformed the way we approach healthcare in our home and I can show you how it can transform your home too.

Equip Your Home with Essential Oils


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