Who is the program for?

This is my signature health coaching program for anyone wanting to overhaul their health within a supportive community of fellow travellers. After all, change can feel lonely.
The course was designed specifically for anyone suffering from an autoimmune disease or other chronic disease linked to stress and inflammation but others are welcome too.
Everything included in this program is based upon the tools and techniques I personally used to reverse my symptoms of Hashimoto's Thyroiditis.

What is the program about?

True healing from dis-ease requires us to address the physical body, the emotional landscape, our thoughts and our deeply held beliefs. 
All of these strands are interwoven as the fabric of our lives and cannot be separated. Our ability to cope with stress, for example, is largely due to our deep beliefs and fears, yet we experience stress in our physical body as symptoms.
The 90 Day program addresses all these realms through:
  • Food - eating in a way which reduces inflammation and therefore reduces symptoms as well as focusing on eating a nutrient-dense diet to support tissue repair and healing*
  • Meditation - to begin the process of understanding our habitual mental diet¬†
  • Breathwork - to shift our mental and emotional state on demand
  • Rewriting our internal self-image script and the stories we tell ourselves
  • Setting health and life goals
  • Learning ways to manage symptoms and drug-related side-effects in natural ways which¬†free from side-effects

*Please note the eating for autoimmunity program is not suitable for vegans and vegetarians (unless fish is part of the diet)


How does the Self-Paced Program work?

You will be guided through a full elimination-reintroduction diet (the Autoimmune Paleo - AIP - Protocol) to:
  1. heal the gut
  2. reduce, relieve or even remove symptoms
  3. remove all inflammatory foods
  4. add in nutrient dense foods
  5. discover exactly the foods your body can tolerate and those it can't - leaving you with a bespoke, personalised diet which is as varied as possible with the fewest number of symptoms
Every week you will receive by email:
  • short lectures to support all the elements of the program
  • tools to build your daily self-care routines: weekly meditations, breathing exercises, journaling tasks and more which is KEY to staying on track
  • handouts to print off and keep
The Self-paced program contains everything you need to do, step by step and week by week, in order to be successful and would suit you if:
1. You are ready to follow the instructions and implement the recommended actions each week
2. You don't feel you need the support of a live coach
3. You want to fit your healing journey into your budget and your schedule
And the best bit? You can start immediately! Or purchase it now and start whenever you're ready.
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Contact me to talk about following this program or working bespokely on a 1-1 basis

I know it can be hard making changes in your life and not everyone has a support structure around them.

If you would like to discuss working 1-1 with me as you coach, over an 8 week period then please contact me using the button below and lets have a chat.

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